Crypto Will Not Save The World

Jonathan Poland
1 min readSep 14, 2021


I don’t think it will ruin the world, but it’s not going to make things better for the masses. It’s like to make things worse.

Energy consumption is a problem.
Trading leverage is a bigger one.
Decentralization is a pipe dream.
Anonymity is a complete lie.
Value is based on the next buyer.
Wealth concentration is higher than USD.
Hackers can and will still get your crypto.
Inflation is driving prices the most.
FOMO is a very close second.
Price does not equal value.
Digital oil? Digital gold? Nah.
No need for additional layers of complexity.
Further attaches humans to technology.
It doesn’t actually solve real problems.
Is crypto making water easier to access?
Is crypto helping with climate change?
Is crypto bringing the masses out of poverty?
Is crypto able to give you or me more skills?

There are too many bubbles across the economy.
A collapse is coming. I don’t know when.



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